Global Warming Crisis Strands Thousands of Walruses


This is astonishing.

…Scientists and conservationists are expressing alarm at the appearance of thousands of walrus on Alaska’s northwest coast, a dramatic demonstration of the effects of diminished Arctic sea ice brought on by global warming….


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14 thoughts on “Global Warming Crisis Strands Thousands of Walruses

  1. Warmer weather results in larger brains for walruses! And just think – in a few more years they can plant some trees there to provide some shade! Isn’t it wonderful?

  2. Global warming is not real. Well, actually it is real. it is a perfectly normal cycle in the earth’s climate. It has happened before and it will happen again. Light bulbs, SUVs, and someone’s air conditioner has nothing to do with it. The ice is melting. I agree. However, the reason for which it is melting is where I disagree. Man-made climate change is a silly idea and a damned good argument to gain more control over the masses I might add. The polar ice caps on mars is also melting. I suppose those martians just have too many incandecent light bulbs and use too much oil eh?

    Man-made global warming is a fraud, a hox, and we should ensure voters that those who are involved in this hoax will see prison in their future for their lies and fraud.

  3. I held my nose and read the WUWT article from a year ago.
    In a nutshell; the author argues poaching as the real cause of increased walrus deaths. Seriously.

    This doesn’t explain why the walrus are in spots where it’s easier to poach, if indeed poaching has increased. So to head off this objection, the author quotes a 1922 article who’s headline reads; ‘Arctic Ocean Getting Warm; Seals Vanish and Icebergs Melt.’ The author then triumphantly states ‘The walrus apparently did OK then, as it has through millenia before man.’

    Sort of a variation on the ‘climate has always been changing argument’. Sigh + facepalm.

    In a way it reminds me of the one jurist, and there’s always one, who in the face of overwhelming evidence, will astound his/her fellow jurors by insisting on some hare brained alternative which ‘might have happened’.

  4. Weatherman — tell me your poeing (is that a verb), please? Otherwise, there just isn’t enough time and space to explain to you why you are wrong. As a start, here’s a homework assignment for you. Look up the eccentricity of the Earth’s orbit, then look at the same value for Mars. Review the inverse square law for radiant energy, then use this information to consider why the reasons for ice cap dynamics (and presumably, temperature cycles) differ on Earth and Mars.

  5. Hi, weatherman. You forgot to include links to the evidence for your surprising assertions. Could you give a specific example of one thing you know which climatologists do not, and links to the source? Or barring that, perhaps you could explain why hundreds of thousands of scientists in all countries would conjure up a hoax? Perhaps it’s all the money they get from the powerful wind turbine lobby…

    We’ll save your evolutionary science confusion for another blog.

  6. @Kermit (the frog):

    Follow the money. Who do these ‘climatologists” work for? What political affiliations do they have and to whom do they recieve money? Figure it out.

    Your links as requested sir:

    These are just three. Want many more?

    No, even if you are requested to provide links, this site is EXPLICITLY (see “about page”) NOT a dumping ground for climate denialist links. Period.

  7. Most of those “climatologists” (of whom I am one) work for “universities” or “research institutes”, receive their money from “competitive grants” won from “federal agencies” whose mandate is to fund “science.” Their political affiliations are “not relevant to the discussion.”

  8. HMMMM. It seems as if some dummy censored my links. It is interested that one person asks me for my links and another censors me. I guess one can’t help winning for losing. Oh well. I guess it’s only fair. I don’t allow pro-global warming propoganda on my website or any left wingism for that matter. Evolution, global warming (hoax), etc is all banned from mine. I guess it’s only fair when libs do it to me.

    @ Doug

    I know what you mean. All those UN “scientists” just have our best interest at heart. Yep. Genocide through infanticide and population control helps us all. Hitler would not be more proud.

    Global warming is a scam and someone should go to prison over it. Period. It should be called global whining. A bunch of eco-nazis forcing people to comply to their standards of HELL just becuase the earth is going through a natural cycle is just plain twisted.

  9. For fuck’s sake, Weatherman. Any comment at Sb with more than one link in it automatically goes into a queue to be checked for spam. Trade the paranoia in for patience. Or ask Greg to go look for it and release it.

  10. OK, now let me see…

    Following trivial amounts of money for grants and salary somehow implicates climatologists.

    Following enormous money trails linking climate change deniers to large corporations and right-wing billionaires proves nothing.

    OK. Got it.

  11. No, I censored it. I have a policy that this blog is not a linking ground for absurd fraudulent denialist, anti-vax, racist, etc. crap. It is spam, and it is routinely deleted. In this case I left Weatherman’s comment up and placed a link to the blog policy on these matters in the URL box for the comment.

    Nothing complicated or conspiratorial here, Weatherman. My blog is not a public toilet.

  12. Isn’t it amazing how lefties label everyone as a racist. Not a public toilet? Coulda fooled me. It’s ok Greg. I would have censored your pro-global warming, anti-American, pro-global governance, pro-evolution crap on my site too.

    Oh. I am not against vaccines. I am just against forced vaccination. If you so choose to take a killer vaccine, please, by all means be my guest. I just don;t want some two bit dick for brains government trying to force me to take one. As a matter of fact, my government does not have that authority. If they invent it all of a sudden (as they did the HELLtcare treason bill) that’s ok. Some doctors can be bribed into signing a document stating I took the vaccine. What uncle braindead Sam don’t know won’t hurt him. I advise others to do the same. Don’t let these treasonous weasel scumbags force you to do anything. There is always way around their puny pathetic regulations and forced mandates.

    Go ahead Greg, go take your Mercury vaccine. When you come down with dummy disease, I’ll be the first to say I told you so.

    My forecast as weatherman is as follows:

    Cloudy with a chance of turds until November 2. Then partly cloudy with 50% turds until 2012. Then fair skies when we get rid of the master turd running the toilet. URL that.

    Conservative: I dislike pancakes.

    Liberal: You racist bigot. Where is your tolerance of bread?

    Conservative: I dislike thunderstorms.

    Liberal: You racist bigot. Where is your tolerance of electrons?

    Conservative: I love mayo, but I dislike chocolate.

    Liberal: You right wing redneck racist asshole. How dare you dislike chocolate becuase of it’s tase or appearance. You are a racist.

    Conservative: I prefer to write with a blue pen.

    Liberal: You racist bigot. Where is your tolerance of black pens. You racist asshole.


    I have to tell you. Leftwingers have some sort of fetish with calling people racists. It must be their own pathetic turd licking ideas that dilute their brains into Godophobic mush.

    @ NJ:

    Yea. George Soros has no influence in communism/left wingism? Yea. That ugly puck for brains should be in prison. If it were up to me he would be.

  13. Weatherman @ 14:

    So, George Soros should be in prison? For having money and a conscience? Did not know that was a felony.

    As for the rest of your post let’s see…
    Multiple references to lefties or leftwingers and anti-Americanism and global government, turds, positively incensed at being tagged a racist, and major, huge problems with science (including anti-vaccine lunacy) without, of course, any evidence to back it up. All you left out was birtherism.

    Hard to believe you aren’t a Poe; you have a complete distillation of all of the brain-dead aspects of modern wingnuts. If you are a Poe, I’d say you’ve overplayed your hand. If you aren’t, well, all of those courses you took in school that you thought were stupid – turns out it wasn’t the courses, it was you.

    Now, brush off the Cheeto-dust and go upstairs for dinner or your mom will get mad and won’t let you drive her car to pick up your unemployment check.

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