Did Dave Mabus threaten to kill atheists visiting Montreal for the AAI-HC 2010 Convention?

Information about last week’s convention is here.

This is alleged to be a picture of Mabus making what looks like an “I’m shooting you with a pistol” gesture:

And this is the note he posted on my blog in which he mentiones the whole bullet in the head thing:


a bullet for your head, traitor

And finally, the *only* man in Minnesota who says there is no God has suddenly become an arbiter on mental health… unfacts.org/factsforum/viewtopic.php?t=4080 COME SEE A PHOTO OF MABUS AND AN EXPLANATION OF IT!

Mabus never really worried me before, but this is the photograph of an obvious psychotic killer. I assume the RCMP is on top of this guy like a Mounty on a horse, and that the atheists were well protected.

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21 thoughts on “Did Dave Mabus threaten to kill atheists visiting Montreal for the AAI-HC 2010 Convention?

  1. So far Markuze has only demonstrated that he’s a non-violent loon despite the numerous vague threats. I doubt any police (whether USA or Canada) would act against such a person unless they progress to the violent loon stage. One exception of course would be if Markuze were in the USA and someone rang the cops because he was on their property – then it’s a safe bet that a cop would shoot him or kill him with a tazer even if he were butt-naked and obviously unarmed.

  2. Dennis Markuze wants us to believe he’s not addled, but then he says that PZ is the “only” atheist in Minnesota. Crazy!

    He’s also left the “bullet” message on my blog ten times in the past two days, but they get promptly erased. I’m impressed at how often he can post comments in a single day, especially since I’m sure one of his hands is busy fondling himself.

  3. Just looks like a nerd to me. Kinda resembles my brother-in-law. The psychotic part, I got from… well, everything he’s ever posted. But I doubt he can get his act together enough to do anything.

    Of course it’s easy for me to be blase; I’m posting under a pseudonym.

  4. I haven’t seen any of his ‘boobquake’ posts since his ‘expose’. Is he still ranting on? He needs serious help. BTW, just because he is crazy, doesn’t mean he can’t formulate a plan to attack someone.

  5. @gwen: Just because he’s crazy doesn’t mean he’s a threat to anyone. I wasn’t at the convention, but no one there seemed concerned and they just let him go. There are no signs (yet) that those folks have made the wrong call.

  6. NewEnglandBob, please. Night shift dishwashers perform a useful and necessary function, and should be respected for it. There is absolutely NO need to besmirch their reputation by trying to associate them with that sad loon.

  7. Just for future reference… Do actually contact the RCMP and/or FBI about threats. Especially if there is some gathering/event getting ready to happen. They probably won’t do anything (or at least not seem to), but the heads-up and record are quite useful if something does happen.

    Oh, and the RCMP kicks ass in a generally good way.

  8. Now I know who to look for, so I can pick him out of a crowd, take him aside, and say “wow, are you really THE Dave Mabus aka Dennis Markuze? Can I get your autograph on this sketch I did of a flaming goat?” I’m sure that little piece of memorabilia would net me a pretty penny on eBay.

  9. Echoing travc’s post above, depending on the location of the event you may want to contact the Surete de Quebec (provincial police) and/or the SVM (city police) as well.

    I have to hope that this guy is on a watch list in case he should try to cross the US border, which is less than an hour from downtown Montreal.

  10. Gwen, he still rants on. I post one of his comments every now and then just so that the blogospheric record shows that the extreme on his side of the aisle is fare more extreme than the good guys ever produce. But I get an email and/or a comment from him every single day, minimally.

    Travc, I’ve passed the basic info on to the FBI. US citizens cant’ contact the RCMP, we are asked to put our complaint in via the FBI, which I did.

    There is a false dichotomy emerging in this discussion which I’d like to briefly address: No one can say how likely it is that a sick puppy like Mabus will one day arm himself and kill someone. The fact that he hasn’t means nothing, and the fact that he keeps making threats and seems to have a hard time controlling himself suggests a valid concern.

    It is perfectly reasonable to say that the chance that he will do something is near zero.

    It is perfectly reasonable to pass information about him on to the authorities.

    It is NOT the case that if one takes the potential threat seriously that one also believes that the threat is large. Or small. It is simply the case that the threat is not known and that the threat exists for real (even if it is of near zero importance) and that there are simple, low cost, non-panic stricken ways to deal with it. Not taking Mabus seriously and assuming that he is not harmless are not actually conflicting.

    A simple analogy: The chance of being hit by a tornado even one that you can see heading in your direction, is slim. But when the tornado is in ear shot, one should go to the basement, and if you live in tornado alley, it is not an overreaction to have a weather radio or to otherwise pay attention when there are storms threatening. Same idea. There is not a conflict between understanding the real probabilities involved with tornado danger and acting in a way other than with the presumption that tornadoes can’t hurt you. Yes, I see very few people ho are not on one or the other end of an imaginary spectrum of correlated probability of danger and effort to avoid danger.

    Back during Unibomber, those of us in academia learned to handle the regular threat fairly routinely. I received a post card explaining how I would be killed about once a month, decorated with home made ink stamps and done in moderately good calligraphy, and half the people in my department (at Harvard) relieved a very strange threatening home made hallmark like card at the same time one day, which the authorities actually took quite an interest in, taking the creepy greeting cards into custody to check for prints and stuff. And so on. Mabus is run of the mill, nothing special about him. So you just ignore him most of the time and send a report in now and then to the FBI so he remains on whatever list they may have, and don’t worry about it.

    Not being concerned does not mean he is not dangerous. It just means he is not effective. He does serve an important role: Demonstrating that religious believe taken just a step or two in it’s own logical direction, is insane.

  11. I don’t think that’s more of a gun gesture, more of a “WTF are you taking my picture for?” However, I agree Markuze is someone who bears seriously close scrutiny. Someone pointed out that his mere presence there could be construed as a threat, which is obviously rather circumstantial, but definitely possible.

  12. Glad to hear you contacted the authorities. Of course, given the recent #ahem# “revelations” of a vast and complex network of global (pun intended) incompetence at the FBI, it seems both comically and tragically absurd to even bother. They’ll probably just start surveillance on you.

  13. This guy is beyond nutty and beyond scary. His recent video is a perfect example of just how deluded, psychotic and muddled his thinking is. He recently posted a Tweet about his latest video that accuses Dawkins of trying to start a war with Christians and he tagged my podcast twitter account, “Ardent Atheist” and I have no idea what has him tagging me.

    This cat is very dangerous and unpredictable. He’s going to do harm to someone one day.

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