And the Nobel Prize for Literature goes to ….

… Mario Vargas Llosa.

From Wikipedia, we learn that his name is prounouced: “[Ë?maɾjo Ë?βarÉ£az Ë?Ê?osa]” Thank you very much Wikipedia, that was so xweÊ?ul.

Anyway, Vargas Llosa wrote La ciudad y los perros, La casa verde, 1965/1968), and the Conversación en la catedral.

Many of Vargas Llosa’s works are influenced by the writer’s perception of Peruvian society and his own experiences as a native Peruvian. Increasingly, however, he has expanded his range, and tackled themes that arise from other parts of the world. Another change over the course of his career has been a shift from a style and approach associated with literary modernism, to a sometimes playful postmodernism.*

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