Nicole is in the batters box

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The next named storm in the Atlantic will be Nicole, and it is possible that it will form in the Caribbean. This mess of clouds and storms with a strong but now well organized low pressure system is unlikely to become a named storm over the next couple of days, but keep an eye on it.


Oddly, it is likely to move north or northeast, which will keep it over water (rather than running across southern Mexico/Honduras/Belize) but also pushing it towards cooler water and more wind shear. So maybe that blob is Nicole, maybe not.

A well organized suspicious looking blog too far north yet strangely interesting can be seen in this satellite image:


This is what is left of Julia. Julia is moving westward towards warmer water. Most storms end up blowing north and dissipating. When they don’t do that they become a bit unpredictable. No one is really thinking that Julia is going to do anything, but the Hurricane Prediction center is tracking the feature.

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2 thoughts on “Nicole is in the batters box

  1. I always write blog instead of blob. My fingers just do it and the spellchecker doesn’t see it and I don’t notice it. Well, I notice it much of the time but the blogs slip through…

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