Antievolutionism in a marine science textbook

A sidebar in a marine science textbook recommended for approval in Florida is “packed with good ol’ fashioned creationist language,” Florida Citizens for Science charges. The text in question, Life on an Ocean Planet (Current Publishing, 2011), was recently recommended for state approval by the state’s instructional materials adoption committee on a 7-2 vote, according to the education blog of the St. Petersburg Times (September 22, 2010). But as FCFS’s president Joe Wolf wrote to Florida Department of Education Commissioner Eric Smith, the sidebar on “Questions about the Origin and Development of Life” is “simultaneously actively misinforming, at odds with state standards, and ultimately irrelevant to marine science.” Smith has the final say in the textbook adoption process, and Wolf recommended that the sidebar “should be removed entirely, as there is so little information that is either correct or useful to make it worth retaining.”

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3 thoughts on “Antievolutionism in a marine science textbook

  1. This looks like “Wedgery” in action again. Makes me so sorry for the U.S.. In Europe, I doubt if 5% of the population are Creationists. But then, we get an education!

  2. Malcolm, if you were commenting from Britain, you would not say that: The numbers there are starting to look more and more like the numbers in the US. And yes, it snuck up on us here as well, whereby a large majority of people who really didn’t care solidified their views in the pattern they deemed socially acceptable.

    At present, over half of polled brits do not accept the “theory of evolution.”

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