Dawkins Remarks about the Pope

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6 thoughts on “Dawkins Remarks about the Pope

  1. Dawkins is amazing, as usual! I find little to disagree with. I wonder how large the crowd was? I hope the vile pope goes home to his cubbyhole with his tail between is legs.

  2. gwen – official police estimate was that there were 12,000 of us. We only expected 1,000 or so at best, so it an astonishing turn-out.

    It may be worth mentioning that because there were so many of us, many of the speaker’s speeches – including this one – had to be cut short at the last minute. The full text of the speech Dawkins was going to give is on his website:


  3. I especially like the part where Dawkins acknowledges Stalin as an atheist, then goes on to explain why that has no bearing whatsoever on his horrible deeds, and rather instead, requires some twisted thought to reach the conclusion that atheism would lead to such actions.

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