My Sister, the State Board of Education Candidate

A piece by Historyguy Five Three Seven One Six:

Did I mention this was the most boring job in the world? Mind-numbingly, soul-crushingly, stab-yourself-in-the-leg-with-a-pen-to-get-them-to-call-an-ambulance-so-you-can-escape-this-meeting- boring. If she wins this seat, she will spend days in meetings discussing the logistics of textbook acquisition, and politely sitting through hours of public comments from people who think Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to listen to Jesus preach the Sermon on the Sanctity of Tax Cuts for the Rich. Now, for some reason, she actually likes this kind of educational public policy work, and she’ll do a great job at it. But it’s an absolute shame that some of the most important jobs in this country, the local government jobs that keep our streets safe and clean, and keep our kids in school learning to be good citizens, can be taken over by a highly motivated extremist minority who resort to name calling and deception to maintain their hold on power.

Read the whole thing here.

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3 thoughts on “My Sister, the State Board of Education Candidate

  1. This isn’t just about Texas. Everyone should take a close look at their own ballot and carefully check out local school board candidates, state school board candidates, boards of regents for universities, judges, and any other sort of board or elected position from which someone with an anti-science agenda could do grievous harm. And find great candidates who need your support, and offer it to them.

  2. The bios give such little information that it is often difficult to determine their position on anything of importance. I cross off the overtly fundie, but that often leaves a lot to choose from.

  3. She might need a time machine to get back to the era these loons live in…..ah, my mistake, they are totally ahistorical, and want to go back to a white mans’ paradise which never existed.

    Seriously, I hope Ms Judy Jennings gets the post. She will need the patience of a saint(sorry) to deal with some of the parents. I wish her all the best.

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