10 thoughts on “Christine O’Donnell on Morality

  1. Billo says,

    “Everybody knows that scientists now have enough knowledge to clone a human being if they wanted to, but, they’re not, at least that we know of.”

    Is this really true? Or is Billo lying again?

    To be fair, Billo pretty much brushed her off throughout. If even he’s annoyed by this twittering ninny, that says something about her viability long-term, right?

  2. O’Reilly made himself look like an ignorant buffoon, O’Donnell is just a closed mind Reich-wing fundy with an IQ of 30. The doctor was not much help in the discussion.

    I hate Faux News and you made me watch a few minutes of it. I need to go cleanse my body, including my mind.

  3. What an unspeakable idiot this woman is.
    If she is a spokesbeing for anyone in America, for anyone at all, and is not laughed out of any political social organization she might want to join, then I have to conclude America is not so much a protector of free speech, but a protector of galloping stupidity.

    Where does a brain like hers develop, what are the circumstances that make someone think at such a level of total fucked upness?
    Her synapses must function in ways that seems worth investigating as a sign of pathological idiocy to help other to avoid such a sad fate as hers: To publicly expose her inanity, tin foil hattery and not even feeling the waves of derision from those who are at least partly self aware – which she clearly is not.

  4. “Coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains.” LMAO!!!!! What could be more scary than cloning Christine O’Donnell? She is dumber than Sarah Palin!

  5. You all got the stupid part, but no one has mentioned the part where I was glad that I was not looking at the monitor or keyboard. Things might be a mess.
    At about 3:20 BillO says “I never buy the slippery slope”.

  6. I am going to let my ignorance show, but don’t mice have fully functioning brains? I thought anything that had a brain to use had a fully functioning brain. Maybe not a well used brain (see all members of the Tea Party), but fully functioning.

  7. I thought anything that had a brain to use had a fully functioning brain.

    Obviously you were mistaken. Obviously, O’Donnell has a brain, since she is able to form mostly intelligible words. Just as obviously she does not have a fully functioning brain, or she would be able to string those words into intelligent phrases.

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