1 thought on “The Vigil After Dover: Part 3

  1. alright:

    i DO agree with Travis @15:40. “nerdy people comfortable taling to like.” before this statement I was thinking, why do these folks speak in pseudo-esoteric language. it doesn’t help.

    then these statistics of what people beleive (29:00)…according to what i interpret from the mediator, i didn’t get it either. humans around in dinosuar times? well kind of. rise of mammals and all. honestly, carl sagan was right, ASK BETTER QUESTIONS.

    At 43:00. Ruse seems to me like saying if you want to gain support, Pad Egos.

    I wonder about the demographics of this audience. Questioners were largely of the creationalist kind, asking and wondering. Great, I can see Ruse’s point.

    anyway, ramblings of a drunkie.

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