Igor and Lisa

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Igor is on the cusp of being a hurricane and not being a hurricane. The storm has hurricane force winds but its energy is being rapidly redistributed from a cyclonic pattern (a hurricane is a cyclone) to a frontal pattern (a hurricane is not a front). Either way, somebody’s gonna lose themselves’ a trailer. In Newfoundland. Maybe.

Lisa, still in the eastern Atlantic, is now a tropical storm, as predicted. But, the next several days have a great deal of uncertainty regarding Lisa’s direction of movement and intensity. I’m thinking Lisa will not be a any time over the next four days, but after that may well follow the same pattern of most of this year’s storms: Form up and head north.

There is not anything that impressible forming over West Africa at the moment, but there is an interesting little blip in the eastern Atlantic behind Lisa that exists in an area with very little shear and reasonably low pressure. I speak of this:


That thing to the right/East of Lisa seems a bit close to the named storm, but I’m going to watch it anyway.

Meanwhile, there is a depression forming over the eastern West Indies that has a small chance of turning into a tropical storm. So, the two of these features will vie for being the next named Atlantic feature. It will be called Matthew.

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