The latest issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach

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The latest issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach — the new journal aspiring to promote accurate understanding and comprehensive teaching of evolutionary theory for a wide audience — is now published. Devoted to human evolution and edited by William E. H. Harcourt Smith, the issue (volume 3, number 3) features Tom Gundling on “Human Origins Studies: A Historical Perspective”; Kieran P. McNulty on “Apes and Tricksters: The Evolution of Diversification of Humans’ Closest Relatives”; Harcourt-Smith on “The First Hominins and the Origins of Bipedalism”; David S. Strait on “The Evolutionary History of the Australopiths”; Holly M. Dunsworth on “Origin of the Genus Homo”; Katerina Harvati on “Neanderthals”; Jason A. Hodgson and Todd R. Disotell on “Anthropological Genetics: Inferring the History of Our Species Through the Analysis of DNA”; Ian Tattersall on “The Rise of Modern Humans”; Monique Scott on “The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Teaching Human Evolution in the Museum” — and much more besides!

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12 thoughts on “The latest issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach

  1. Err, Soldier? You missed fornication and intoxication – as well as cannibalistic infanticide. I mean come on, if your going to go for a tirade like that one, how can you miss the most important bits?

  2. A day will come when a grand invincible army will decend from heaven led by Christ himself weilding His mighty sword to bring judgement on those who persecute His followers and deny His name.

    So, Jesus is going to bring a sword to a gunfight?

  3. Actually Sword, (can I call you Sword?) Ed is a libertarian, not a Marxist. Now me on the other hand, I’m bearded and while not a Marxist I do believe in a certain level of socialism.

    I would also like to note that Ed isn’t bald or even balding.

    As for “censoring” you, he did that because you’re a fucking moron. Ed didn’t censor you at all, he banned you from his blog – you and less than a dozen other people I am aware of. To get banned from his blog you have to spew rather a lot of hateful bile and/or post non-topical comments to random posts. But you are more than welcome to start your own blog. You are even welcome to start your own blog about what a poo-poo head my brother is – you wouldn’t be the first.

    Liberals are so weird. It’s almost as if they are reading straight out of satan’s handbook of the damned word for word. They are so predictable.

    And conservatives are pretty fucking bizarre too. It’s like they just love to ignore the parts of the Christian bible they don’t approve of and accuse people who live to those standards of being blasphemous liberal Satanists. Predictably vile propagators of hateful bile.

  4. Please explain. Give me an example.

    Well let’s see, he was rather keen on the notion that you would be persecuted for worshiping him, for one. Mind, he didn’t say to whine about it, to the contrary he seemed to think this was a good thing. He also seemed really keen on keeping religion separated from government, for what to me are rather obvious reasons. He was also pretty explicit about turning the other cheek. Need more?

    His disciples were asked to give to the needy of their own free will, not by force. Government was not even a part of the picture. They are, however, part of the problem.

    See there, you had it right with your second sentence – how does the third logically follow the others? Are you honestly going to claim that the government of Jesus time was all warm and fuzzy? Are you really that fucking stupid.

    Yes, your bearded brother is silly and yes he did cenrsor me.

    No moron, he didn’t. He just refused to let you keep spewing your garbage on his website. Is it censorship to tell someone in your home that they aren’t welcome to say things that you don’t like?

    Please tell him Captain Patriot regrets to inform him he is still silly…


    …and wrong about the unconstitutional HELLthcare / population control /wealth redistribution bill. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

    You do realize that Ed’s a libertarian and as such isn’t particularly keen about government funded healthcare, wealth redistribution and most especially population control? I will grant that he has some mixed feelings about a welfare state, but certainly isn’t a Marxist or socialist by any stretch of the imagination.

    You are more than welcome to try again, but you might want to consider that everyone who is reading this thinks you’re a fucking joke at best.

  5. Why do you think so many normal people come to your “science” sites and make fun of them?

    Please. Why do you think every right-wing loon commenter on Greg’s blog turns out to be you using one of your thousand pseudonyms? You’re all alone out there.

  6. Re “it’s just that the far left use violence, force, manipulation, and treason”, data?

    “All marxists face hell fire one day anyway”. I am with Terry Pratchett here. “You only go to Hell if you believe in it, so it is VITAL to shoot all missionaries on sight”. Not sure which book.

    “.we on the other side will all clap for joy as we sit and watch your pitiful pathetic satanic ideals of marxism burn in flames”. How thoroughly Christian of you. How thoroughly silly of you too, equating Marxism with satanism.

    “Remember the violence in greece(sic)? All left wing fascists wanting their free handouts, not realizing their free handouts is what bankrupted the country to begin with”. First, what is a “left wing fascist”? Or do words simply mean what you want them to mean, today, now?
    Second, if you refer to the the violence in Athens on May 5th, which killed three bank employees, this was caused by anarchists, and they have boasted about it.

    Basically an ignorant idiot, with the attention span of a mayfly.

  7. Indeed, loon of many names, I cannot begin the deal with you – which is why I have continued to addressing your idiocy. And I can only conclude you’re a fucking moron, when you can’t work out the difference between censorship and refusing to let someone continue spewing their bullshit in someone else’s living room.

    As for the rest of your nuttiness, nuance is your friend. The world isn’t black and white, nor is it commonsensical. Even if you want to accept the Christian bible and Jesus words as a guide, there is a lot of complexity and nuance that you do not seem capable of.

    Unless you honestly want to go back to the “good old days” of child labor, huge increases in workplace injuries and death, people dying in the streets (including children), segregation, outlawed interracial marriage and all the many other wonders of the industrial age, you may want to rethink your stupidity. That is the world you seem to hell bent on recreating.

  8. So you won’t mind if I stop over to your house and talk about what a vile piece of shit you are, correct? Since you feel so strongly about censorship, I am sure you would also defend my right to take to the pulpit of your church and respond to the nauseating garbage your pastor spews.

    I do not wish to go back to the days to which you just referred, but i also do not want marxists destroying America in the name of some bullcrap like “global warming” or gay “marriage” or univeral HELLthcare/population control or any other far left lideal that seeks to destroy freedom.

    You most certainly do want to go back to those days – or at least support regressions that would take us there. You’re an ignorant little dolt who believes in the most extreme of conspiracies, not the least being the assumption that anyone who disagrees with you on one thing must be diametrically apposed to everything you believe. You also seem to believe that because people read and/or comment on this blog, they agree with everything Greg writes.

    You also seem to have an interesting fascination with man on man anal sex. I’m curious, when exactly did you decide you don’t want to have sex with other men? Do you still occasionally think how nice it would be to have a hot twink “carry your baggage?”

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