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The German Nazis were Christian and the German Christians were Nazis


Germany was a Christian nation long before the Nazi’s came along in the 1920s. When the Nazi’s took power in Germany, they were widely and generally supported. Even after the defeat of the Third Reich in 1945, a majority of the German People (in a survey conducted by the US military) remained sympathetic to the Nazis and wished for a return of surviving Nazi leaders. Most Germans were either active members of the Nazi party or were sympathetic, and most were Christians, mainly Catholic. (There were a lot of non-Christian Germans at the beginning of this period, but the Christian Germans killed or drove away most of them.) Most Germans were anti Semitic and many were directly involved in the slaughter of over six million Jews and other “undesirables.” The Holocaust was a perfectly logical extension of over a century of increasingly bitter and obsessive anti Semitism evolving hand and hand with German Catholic political ideology and white supremacist doctrine in Germany and elsewhere. There were no Atheists involved in any of this. None.

The image above is the Catholic Church’s National Bishop Friedrich Coch saluting Hitler in 1933. Photo from here.

A genetic cause of rapid degeneration in some Alzheimer’s patients

ResearchBlogging.orgA new study identifies a likely cause of rapid degeneration in some Alzheimer’s patients. The results of this study may lead to improved treatment.

But first, let’s look at the method used in this study, because that may be almost as important as a development. And for this, we will use a sports analogy.
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Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks to Alarmingly Small Range

Scientists have been measuring sea ice very carefully since 1979. Prior to that, there are estimates that are of varying degrees of usefulness. I know for a fact that many New England lighthouses were attached to land by winter-long ice in places that have not had sea ice in any living person’s memory, and there are similar bits and pieces of historical data suggesting that sea ice was once much more extensive in the Northern Hemisphere than at present.

Since 1979 there have been three years in which Arctic sea ice reached a rather alarming minimum size prior to reforming. We are in one of those years now.


Daily Arctic sea ice extent on September 10, 2010 was 4.76 million square kilometers (1.84 million square miles). The orange line shows the 1979 to 2000 median extent for that day. The black cross indicates the geographic North Pole. (From the NCIDC)
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Two search engines with somewhat different foci

First, we have SeekFind, the “Christian Search Engine” where you will not find anything that conflicts with the bible. Click here. I entered “Australopithecus” and got 163 results almost all from the Institute for Creation Research.

Second, we have the skeptical search engine, click here, which provides results from science oriented and skeptical sites. The search engine needs updating to include some of the new science blogging networks, but it still works pretty well the way it is. I entered “Bible” and got this:

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Science proves that your friends are more important than you!

Editor’s Selection IconThis post was chosen as an Editor's Selection for ResearchBlogging.orgThe other day a friend of mine bumped into some news that concerned her. She could have asked a random person about this to find out more information, but there was a bit of information that came with the news indicating that I might know more than the average person about it. So, she asked me, and as it turns out, I did not know anything. But, having heard the news from her, I noticed a different bit of information that came along with it that told me exactly who would know everything about it, so I sent along a question …. “What’s going on with the [deleted]?” I got back a message almost immediately.
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Intelligent Design’s Legal Status after Dover

ResearchBlogging.orgFirst, there was plain and simple creationism, a Christian idea that, in an ideal Christian world, would be taught as part of any science dealing with the past, including biology (evolution), geology, and presumably history.

But the constitution stood in the way of implementing basic Christian teachings in public schools in the United States, though that battle took decades. Just as creationists were being driven off he landscape, a sort of Battle of the Bulge occurred, in the form of Intelligent Design.
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