Stones & Bones: Evolution for kids

Stones & Bones is a new book for children on the topic we all know and love: Evolution.


The book comes with a CD and there is a very useful accompanying web site, according to the publishers. The NCSE recommends it.

One of only eleven books selected by the editors of BioScience, the flagship magazine of the American Institute of Biological Sciences, for its Fall 2008 Focus on books on evolution and adaptation for young scientists, Stones & Bones sketches the story of evolution in seventeen verses. Through words and illustrations readers will find answers to questions such as, when did the Age of Mammals begin and what is it called? When did the first horses appear on earth? The first whales? What is the name and date of Darwin s revolutionary book on evolution? When did the earth begin to form? And many more.

From the pages of Stones & Bones: About sixty million years ago; no, make that sixty five, with the; Cenozoic Age; the age of mammals would arrive; There were mastodons and woolly . . Beautifully illustrated in full color. For children of all ages. Also includes a CD of Stones & Bones the Song and a bonus recording of The Song of the Meadowlark, recipient of the award for Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting (Lyrics) from the Great American Song Contest in 2004.

The NCSE is giving away a free PDF file showing a few pages of this book. Click here if you’d like to download it.

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