Blob 92 is already looking like a hurricane

I hereby withdraw my earlier prediction that a blob over Mali and Niger would be the next named Atlantic storm. Instead, I think it will be this one right here:


We shall name it Karl. If it forms into a tropical storm soon. Expect that by Thursday.

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10 thoughts on “Blob 92 is already looking like a hurricane

  1. dmab: Are you still in Canada or should I start checking for suspicious characters following me?

    bcoppola: And central Mexico, likely, as well.

    I just looked at a very long term track model for Julia, and it is interesting: It could recurve back to the region it first formed. This could be one of those strange cases where the hurricane does a Lazarus, or merges with a second system. Might have to go to the hyphenated name rule.

  2. “dmab: Are you still in Canada or should I start checking for suspicious characters following me?”

    If I ever recognize you out and about in Maple Grove, I’m going to make sure I introduce myself like “Are you Greg Laden? Don’t worry, I’m not dmab.”

    Because I am probably a suspicious looking character.

  3. Morejello: Cool. But I should mention that these blog posts are written at a certain time and then the words stay the same, so at the time I wrote this post Karl the TD did not exist!

  4. For about four or five days the SHIPS intensity forecast has predicted that it’s going to intensify into a tropical storm, but it took until today for it to happen.

  5. It’s a Tropical Storm and it could even become a hurricane.

    Thankfully Igor will not be hitting the North Carolina coast, or any USA land.

  6. Ah yeah. Sorry Greg, I forgot that some of these posts are scheduled. I was going strictly by the posting time. Besides, my intent was just to let you know it was named, not to say that you were wrong in some way.

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