Technobabble: Microsoft hates you if you are gay, Newly minted Mint

Microsoft says Teh Gay is “inappropriate.” The corporate computer giant and evile empire banned a kid from having an X-box account because he listed the name of his home town in his profile, and happens to live in Fort Gay. The people of Fort Gay are not putting up with this. When challenged, Microsoft made up some fake story about how this happened, said they were sorry, and agreed to reinstate the child’s account. As long as he not list his home town as Fort Gay. Which part of “you are a bunch of bumbling morans” do they not understand? And these are the people who are in charge of all the software? Source and more details.

Speaking of Microsoft, have you considered trying Linux? If so, consider the “Mint” version of Linux. It may be the most friendly version for new users, and a brand new edition has just come out.

“No, wait,” you say, “always wait until the new version has been out for a while so they can work out all the bugs!”

If you thought that, you are obviously not a Linux user yet! For some computer operating systems, the new versions are marketing events full of bugs, later to be fixed by the service release. In Linux, the new version is the thing that fixes whatever bugs may have emerged since the last version, and for the main operating system itself, new versions come out very frequently, so the number of new bugs is low and the number of bug fixes is high.

So click here and find out more about Mint.

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12 thoughts on “Technobabble: Microsoft hates you if you are gay, Newly minted Mint

  1. LWF –

    Obstinate prudery. MS apparently only “relaxed” their policy on using the word “gay” in your profile for Fort Gay and that only after a lot of gamers got pissed about it. I hope a lot more get pissed about this.

    I am not far from getting rid of windows altogether. The only reason I haven’t taken it off my desktop is that I am not sure how to, without reformatting my OS hhd. I really just need to offload everything on there to storage and have done with it. I have been wanting to clear that drive anyways, so as to strictly use it for my OS and apps.

    Greg –

    As far as Mint goes, I am curious as to why this is superior/easier than Ubuntu. I am also rather curious (and assuming you might know) if it has the education friendly distros that Ubuntu offers. Other than the problem with my laptop speakers, I am getting rather comfortable with Ubuntu. At the same time, I am willing to consider other options and have the discspace to try it. I do not, however, really have the time to learn another OS if it is not going to make life a whole lot easier.

  2. I don’t think Mint is enough different from Ubuntu to be considered a different OS. There are some differenes in the menus, but that is true across distros and releases of gnome and KDE anyway.

    I think Mint simply installs and operates out of the box better than Ubuntu. Otherwise, it is Ubuntu. It is Ubuntu with some of the philosophically placed limitations lifted.

    Although I have installed it once, I’ve not really used it, so I can’t say much beyond that.

  3. I will try Unix soon as some linux distribution. This is the age of virtual machines. I have Mac OS 10.6, Win XP, Win 7 and soon some flavor of Linux or maybe two.

    Mac is the best host platform for now. Expand your world.

  4. One more reason to buy a PS3 instead. Unfortunately the PS3 still runs WinDuhs. However, it *is* pretty good for games. Oh, just don’t ever use the “online store”. Your credit card information is retained forever and if you set the machine up to automatically log in, anyone who steals your computer can buy hordes of stuff off the network. So Sony obviously has its share of idiots.

  5. Oh yeah, I agree Mint is very good. I was looking at Linuxes for a friend of mine last year and ended up with KUbuntu, Mint, and Suse. Mint was not only very pretty but did the best job of setting up the system and common features like wireless access and bluetooth without any hassles.

  6. @DuWayne: I guess no one is allowed to log on from Fucking Austria then? I wonder what town Microsoft insists they claim they’re from.

  7. @Rob: Oops … various things got me thinking that it must be some customized version of MSWin, but sources on the internet all claim it’s Sony’s own system. It’s a pity Sony is now blocking the use of Linux on the PS3 though.

  8. Mint over Ubuntu: it’s about patents and copyrights. Ubuntu doesn’t (by default) include codecs (converters, if you like) for things like Adobe Flash and some audio/video formats. Mint does, which makes it much more user-friendly. How Mint gets away with this, I don’t know. But I’m converted. Copyright law is a mess, and Patents are worse, and will always be a threat to Open Source, which by definition won’t pay license fees.

  9. Running Mint practically full time right now. Got dual monitors, and even Matlab student edition on it. Using Eclipse for the C programming class.

    Son still boots it into XP for his games. The funny thing is that the Win7 installation I got on this same box as well is now totally useless because it’s not compatible with the wireless card.

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