4 thoughts on “Creationism and The Law at NCSE

  1. Well, at least they state that the good guys lost the Scopes trial; the way other people write about it, you’d think the good guys won that one.

  2. That book by Anne Marie Lofaso looks like an interesting read. Some bits scare me though, for example:

    “Public schools may, but are not constitutionally compelled to, allow students to opt out of material in classes that is inconsistent with their religious beliefs.”

    I’d like to wish that no school allows such bullshit. “Oh, you don’t want to accept the evidence of an ancient earth? Well, that’s OK because it’s part of your religion.” To me that would constitute a dereliction of duty on the part of the school. The point of public school education is to combat ignorance, not to allow it to fester because of the ignorance of some kid’s parents. Making exemptions based on superstitious beliefs only contributes to minting young folks ill prepared to face the modern real world. It also allows groups to segregate themselves by introducing their own superstitious rules; it encourages societal rifts.

  3. I’m going to try and make it to Eugenie Scott’s lecture at IPFW tomorrow. Really can’t wait since I’ve heard about her for all these years and I’ll actually get to see her in person.

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