A key binding that selects all and places it instantly on the clipboard, and works in all software. This is such a common sequence of commands it should be made into one command. It could be called “mop” or “nom.”

See the whole “WANTED” list here.

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2 thoughts on “Wanted

  1. Have a look at Glipper. It’s a gnome clipboard tool that resided in the indicator applet in your system panel.

    Once installed, any selected text gets copied to the clipboard. Ctrl-Alt-C brings up the content of the clipboard. Use your mouse or keyboard to select which entry should be in the current clipboard buffer, then use Ctrl-V to paste it back into your current document.

    Perhaps that doesn’t precisely meet your requirement, but I think it’s pretty close.

  2. Try snagit from techsmith. You have the option to grab images, text, or video from either the screen, the active window, or a selected window Ctrl-Shift-P grabs, and pastes to your definde output (file, printer, clipboard, previewer etc…)

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