Health and well being

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The Vaccine-Autism Link has been ruled non-existent by a federal court. Details.

Homeopathy still doesn’t work. Even a little. Very little.

Corexit in Florida water supply?

A health related blog post, Pushing towards acknowledging sex differences in physiology and treatment efficacy by the blogger known as Michelle, has been awarded the PLoS ONE Blog Pick of the Month for August 2010. Here are the details and links to the post and the original OpenAccess article, Differences in Efficacy and Safety of Pharmaceutical Treatments between Men and Women: An Umbrella Review by Gerald Gartlehner, Andrea Chapman, Michaela Strobelberger and Kylie Thaler.

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2 thoughts on “Health and well being

  1. The Orac link worked for me.

    When I think about the money wasted on alternative and complementary med, in both research and creeping into med education/training,I gag. I guess I need a homeo cure — how much do I dilute the bong water to cure my nausea?

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