A Bloggy Announcement

Starting tomorrow, September 1st, and running through the entire month, I’ll be posting one or two (or more) items each day specifically written for (or at least, that I think will be useful for) teachers, as part of the usual “Back to school” effort I do every year. This year’s effort will be significantly more extensive and intensive. After a few years of blogging, it turns out that I have written a few items that are worth re-posting about science education, creationism, and related topics. I’m also throwing in reviews of books that I think will be of interest to teachers because they will either provide background on some topic, will help with the creationism-evolution thing, or in some cases, be appropriate recommendations for students who are trying to learn above and beyond.

Now, you can do me a favor. If you know any teachers who do not read my blog, you can send them a link to this post so they know it’s coming. Chances are they won’t want to be caught dead with my blog most months, but this month they may find it useful, or at least, entertaining. Of course, they are going to be busy (as teachers always are but especially in September) so they won’t have time to slog through the zillion posts per day I usually produce. Therefore, for this month, Imma try to keep the posts focused on teachers, science education, and related topics. Perhaps I’ll shove the usual short three to five posts not on these topics every day into one big giant post every couple of days, to see how this works out.

This year, there will be something additional: Scienceblogs as a network has decided to do a “back to school” thing as well. I don’t want to pass on any details because it is being organized and refined as we speak. there will be something announced on the Page 3.14 blog, so stay tuned.

To see a listing of all the posts in the “Back to school special” series, click here. There’s not really anything there yet, but as I said, there will be one or two items added per day starting September 1st.

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