Should creationism be taught in (Florida) schools?

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No. But unfortunately, of the 12 candidates running for school board in one Florida County, only three, Rick Nesbit, Gunnar Paulson and Carol Oyenarte, said “No” when recently asked the question.

Two candidates thought it should be taught in a world religion class (and I’ve got to wonder about a school board candidate who thinks we have world religion classes in a system struggling to fund arts and music). Five of the 12 unequivocally took the position that creationism should be taught: Bonnie Burgess, April Griffin, Felicia Moss, Wayne Gabb and Jodi Wood.


Here is the campaign video of one of the pro-science candidates:

… and here is where you can click if you want to give him money so he wins.

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4 thoughts on “Should creationism be taught in (Florida) schools?

  1. World religions would be a pretty useful subject. A lot of art, music and history is pretty inexplicable without a grounding in religions. Refusing to teach about creation stories in a class about religion, because some crazy people want to teach (the controversy about) one of the stories in science class is not a good idea at all.

  2. Please, teach creationism in school science class, along with the Hindu, Sumerian, Babylonian, Greek, Roman, Celtic and Norse creation myths. Make your kids even more ignorant than they already are. Give up your cultural and financial future to the Chinese, Indians and Europeans. Thank you!

  3. The cost in terms of legal challenges and ill-prepared science students is enormous. The school district will incur millions to defend this curriculum. The students not only get crappy science leaving them unfit for advanced science degrees but there’s the lost money that could have been spent so much more wisely on actual, you know, education.

    Hope all those xtians like higher property taxes and teens too dumb to go to college in their basements.

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