Wanted; A storage container for data media (cd’s, dvd’s, SD cards, etc.) that is not made of materials that seem to be even more delicate, subject to weathering, and flamable than the data medium itself.

See the whole “WANTED” list here.

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5 thoughts on “Wanted

  1. That is clearly the way to go for long term use and archiving, but it would also be nice to have something small and portable and without the combo lock. Water resistant, dust-resistant, not particularly flaqamable.

  2. Standard working stiff/country boy answer is the USGI ammo can:

    One supplier, no endorsement intended.

    They come in various sizes. Note: The picture doesn’t match the description (the can is clearly a smaller caliber) but the measurements given are correct for the caliber described. Typical cans available are (listed smallest to largest): 5.56mm, 50 caliber (both regular and deep cans), and 20mm.

    Ammo cans are tough, watertight (as long as the seal is intact), EM resistant. I’ve used them to hold hand tools, Stored electrical blasting caps inside (EM resistance helps), and lined them with carpet and carper padding to hold delicate electronics as they get bounced around in a truck.

    I have it on good authority that you can set up a small can inside a larger one and fill the space between with plaster of Paris to make it highly heat resistant.

  3. I’ve been using a small collection of grenade ammo cans for CD storage for years. They’re wider than the more common ammo cans so CDs/DVDs fit the wide way. I’ve spray painted them bright colors so they look less… militant.

  4. I’ve seen the smaller can used as a shoulder bag/purse after they were fitted with a shoulder strap.

    I suspect that such a purse, once loaded with ten pounds of necessaries, might make quite an impression on anyone seeking to assault the dear wife or daughter. If unable to swing it they could drop it on their foot and make good their escape as the ruffian hops around in pain, unable to follow.

    The other go-to material for heavy-duty storage is large diameters of PVC plumbing pipe. Add an end cap and a screw-plug clean-out fitting to a length of pipe and you have a watertight container that will take a lot of abuse. PVC softens at around 300F and is quite limp at 400F. Which makes bending the pipe and other techniques possible to accomplish using a propane torch.

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