Danielle is back UPDATE

Danielle is a hurricane again. Not real well organized but showing signs of getting its act together, Danielle will likely continue to strengthen for a couple/few days, remain a hurricane for a couple of days, then start weakening in about five days. This is all going to happen out in the middle of the Atlantic, which is, of course, where Bermuda is. But, there are no coastal warnings in effect now.

The other system that has been forming A number, “7”, has been given to the system that has been developing in the vicinity of the Cape Verde islands is getting better organized and will probably become a tropical depression within the next few hours. It is fully expected that this will become a major storm by the end of this week. Stay tuned.

TD 7 is fairly large and wel defined, with visible cyclonic curvy bands. TD 7, just named because it just got organized enough to be a depression, will probably become a tropical storm very soon, probably by mid afternoon. Then, what will be a named tropical storm (Earl, I believe) will continue to travel across the very warm Atlantic Ocean and become a full blown hurricane by Saturday or so.

Danielle has left a path in its wake for Earl to follow. This and other factors suggest that the fast forming and very likely intense Earl will veer north and head out into the middle of the Atlantic.

However, if Earl is very strong, and other conditions change somewhat, it may not be the case that this storm will dissipate in the middle of the ocean. It is too early to say. Keep an eye on this one.

It is also worth noting that the track of this storm … and this is a bit early to say this but nobody’s paying me to be right here …. seems more directly aimed at Bermuda. If I lived in Bermuda I’d buy an umbrella this week.

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