This has been a very quiet hurricane season considering that it was predicted to be active and intense. The fourth named storm is only now developing in the Atlantic, and it is a hurricane named Danielle.

Danielle, just upgraded to a hurricane, appears to be intensifying quickly.

Danielle is now far out to sea and is turning northwest, heading roughly in the direction of Bermuda, but quite possibly too far north of Bermuda to matter much, if current predictions hold. In short, Danielle is not predicted at this time to make any significant landfall. It is likely that this storm, in one form or another, affect land somewhere, some time, but at this point it is too early to tell if it will do so as a significant storm, and when it might happen.

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3 thoughts on “Danielle

  1. Every year I have looked at hurricane predictions they have been for above normal storms. They are right about half he time. It is anyone’s guess if this will be an easy season, or we will get some really bad late hurricanes.

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