Teabagger Ron Micheli and the Wyoming Governor’s Race

Wyoming, which is a pretty stupid state sometimes, although you don’t hear about it too often because almost no one lives there, has a candidate for governor who

  • … wants teachers to be required to teach creationism. “I think it is as valuable a theory as any other theory.”
  • … is opposed to abortion even in the context of rape.
  • … in what the Casper Star-Tribune called “A momumental display of bad judgement” he advocated for leniency for his friend Ty in a rape case. Ry is now serving 60 years in the pen for raping a Casper woman in her home.

In a poll conducted nearly two weeks ago, Micheli, who claims to be a teabagger but is running as a Republican (which makes sense because almost all remaining Republicans are teabaggers), was running a solid fourth within his party. Rita Meyer and Matt Mead are at the head of the GOP pack, and the GOP is widely predicted to be in the lead in this particular race.

I do not know what the other candidate’s positions are in relation to science education.

The above information comes from here and here.

Hat tip: The Sensuous Curmudgeon

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8 thoughts on “Teabagger Ron Micheli and the Wyoming Governor’s Race

  1. I lived in Wyoming for two years during the 70s while in the military. From what I experienced then, I included the state in what I thought of as the “idiot south.”

    I saw people attacked because their hair was a bit too long, or wore saddle boots (square toe) instead of cowboy boots (pointed toe). When I learned of the boot distinction, I immediately started wearing saddle boots.

    I worked with a person who was constantly being pulled over by the Cheyenne police for driving while black.

    The people of Cheyenne went out of their way, to make sure us Airmen from the local base, were an unwanted ‘out group’, although the base provided a solid third of their economy.

    My buddy and I once asked a citizen of Cheyenne why they disliked military people. The women’s reply: “You drink our whiskey and take our women.” We stared at her dumbfounded for a moment, then my friend said: “We apologize, we did not know the women were someones property.”

    Since then, I’ve thought of Wyomingites as the rural cousins of Mississippi and Oklahoma. I’m surprised they are not already teaching creationism in public schools.

  2. Well, the League of Women Voters is hosting a “Meet the Candidates” night tonight at the Laramie Country Library. If something interesting gets said about science education, I’ll drop you an email.

  3. Well, the speeches were bland but the pie was excellent. The squirrel Micheli wasn’t there, nor was he represented. Mike Massie, running for Superintendent of Public Instruction is a history guy by training but was pretty forthright about supporting evolution.

  4. The squirrel Micheli wasn’t there and he didn’t send a representative.

    Speeches were very short, only 2 minutes. A number of speakers had not yet gotten over their fear of public speaking.

    Mike Massie, a candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction is a history guy by training but seemed in favor of teaching evolution. (Most of his riff was about supporting the schools not telling them what to do.)

    The pie was excellent.

  5. even creatinists would agree that cannibalism occurs more often than creation. therefore, cannibalism should be taught in schools.

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