I voted. And other matters.

Today was primary day in Minnesota. Amanda and I are wearing our “I voted” stickers. We wore them to the grocery store. We were the only ones there wearing them. Of course, there were a lot of mullets, and I ain’t talking fish, which is like voting with your hair. And, the sound of the country western karaoke rises like the call of the loon above the sound of hail and thunder. Voting with noise. But we voted with a sharpie. The sharpie is mightier than the mullet, though just barely.

Speaking of politics, go visit Uncle Ted is Dead for one of the more moving tributes to Senator Ted Stevens, who died last night in a plane crash in Alaska. Good bye, Teddy.

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3 thoughts on “I voted. And other matters.

  1. when i got my sticker i chatted with the lady handing them out.she said they had someone come in with a Ft. Snelling address and after a phone call or two got him to the right polling station where they put the paper ballots into–ready– a red toolbox.i have no idea who lives at the Ft,a caretaker,someone who works at the Club? but that sounds very cool and very Minnesota.

  2. If we’d been at the same grocery store you’d have seen one on my 5 year old son. I took him with me and showed him how to fill out the bubbles. We had an interesting conversation on the way home about the party system and how voting works.

    He’s very inquisitive and asked perceptive questions, like, “What happens to the people who don’t get the most votes?” I wanted to say, “They sometimes win anyway,” but I didn’t want to get into the Electoral College and Bush v. Gore.

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