Will my congress member vote against my wife?

Or, more specifically, will my rep, Erik Paulsen, vote against the Recovery Act extension today which will fund, in part, Medicade and Education (167 mil in Minnesota)? We need this. But we don’t meed Erik that much. If he votes against it, I may have to do something about that.

Which will probably consist of spending a bit of time working on the campaign of his hopeful replacement, Jim Meffert. Meffert supports the bill, and generally, education. Paulsen, on the other hand, does whatever Michele Bachmann tells him to do, or so it would seem.

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2 thoughts on “Will my congress member vote against my wife?

  1. Medicade… the drink.

    But seriously, Medicaid.

    From Meffert’s office:

    “The package would provide an estimated $263 million for Minnesota in Medicaid funds, plus $167 million for schoolsâ??which would save more than 2,300 school jobs across the state.

    Facing massive budget deficits and shortfalls, about three-fifths of states have already factored this federal assistance in to their current fiscal year budgets. Failure to pass this bill will make the current year all the more difficult in states like Minnesota, where the recession and slumping revenues have kept state budgets in the red. A vote against this bill is a direct vote against helping resolve Minnesotaâ??s budget deficit.

    The bill will be paid for by closing a $9 billion tax loophole for foreign corporations, redirecting some Recovery Act funds, and scaling back some Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Funds that were increased by the Recovery Act. Meffert says the key objective is to make sure teachers arenâ??t losing their jobs and seniors arenâ??t losing their health care, and that further adjustments should be made to decrease the cuts to food stamps and other forms of social assistance.”

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