7 thoughts on “Yes, folks, it isn’t just the priests engaged in the whole child abuse in the name of religion thing

  1. That’s just child abuse. How could they believe that baby is saying anything meaningful. They are delusional.

    They also believe that the most important knowledge humanity would ever need was given to a bunch of superstitious goat-herders over two and a half thousand years ago – I can’t say I’m all that surprised.

  2. It takes only minutes for a toddler to become a popular theologian. It takes decades for a dedicated student to become a respected scientist. This shows the fundamental difference between religion and science: one is making shit up, the other if finding things out.

  3. I think the people in the church weren’t looking at this kid as a preacher but as a toddler showing off for his parents’ friends, and they were helping him along. With further encouragement, he might become a preacher, because he has the act down already, but nobody in that room thought he was really preaching.

    I’ll agree that teaching this kind of religion is harmful to the kid, but I don’t think encouraging this toddler to imitate his preacher, who might, for all I know, be his daddy, is any worse than teaching kids that homosexuality is a sin of choice, and that God created the earth and animals in 6 days.

    And you gotta admit, the kid is good.

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