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Politically Speaking …

It turns out the American Teabagging Party is very diverse after all. They have all sorts of nutbags and morans amongst their members: Tea Party Diversity Event at Crooks and Liars.

Mn Guv Candidate picks up key endorsement from the Star Tribune.

… And, in that very same race, the Democrats hold a lead in early polls against Republican candidate Emmer.

Minnesotans: Check out MnAtheist events for the month.

Scientifically Speaking ….

A new mammal species has been discovered in Madagascar, and is described here on Tetrapod Zoology. It is NOT a primate.

Brian Switek reviews Shooting in the Wild: An Insider’s Account of Making Movies in the Animal Kingdom, an important book that “an in-depth look at wild animals on film, covering the history of wildlife documentaries, safety issues, and the never-ending pressure to obtain the “money shot.”” (booklist). Brian’s review, which I highly recommend, is HERE.

The PLoS Blog Pick of the Month for July has been announced, and it’s a post by Hannah Waters of Culturing Science on forest canopy height. This is a great choice. Read it here.

Atlanta Skeptics Star Party 2010

When: Thursday, September 2, 2010, 7:30 p.m.

Where: The Emory Math & Science Center, 400 Dowman Dr., Atlanta, GA 30322

Proceeds to go to Light the Night – the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Please join the Atlanta Skeptics on Thursday, September 2, 2010 for stargazing, food, drinks and conversations with astronomers. We are once again hosting a star party to celebrate the beauty of the universe around us while raising money for a great cause.

Astronomers Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain will be hosting the event, leading guests in exploration of the skies, and discussing what we see. Musician, podcaster and science-lover George Hrab will also be providing entertainment.

This event is in honor of Jeff Medkeff, the Blue Collar Scientist, astronomer, skeptic and friend to many of us. Jeff succumbed to liver cancer in 2008. All proceeds will go toward the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in Jeff’s name.

Click Here for all the details.

Tropical Depression FOUR is here

And somewhat notable.

We are looking more closely than usual at hurricanes this season because this is expected to be a fairly intense year for this category of meteorological event. Tropical Depression Four is now located at about 12.6N 41.1W, otherwise known as out in the middle of the Atlantic. It is heading WNW at a speed that would put it north of Puerto Rico mid morning on Thursday.

At the moment, it looks like TD4 is going to grow, be a pain for ships in the area but not overly severe, then very possibly be mauled by upper level winds. The probably that this feature will develop in to a Category 1 hurricane over the foreseeable future is less than one in five. It will likely turn into a tropical storm very soon then dissipate next week.

Which Kindle Do You Really Want Now?

Which Kindle should you buy (or beg the relatives to give you for your birthday)??? The Regular 6 inch Kindle or the fancier Kindle DX?

It is said that the two extant technologies …. Kindle-like low power ePaper displays vs “real tablet computers” will merge.

I’m sure this is true. It is just as sure as the fact that almost every computer monitor sold to the average customer is the shiny hard to read kind instead of the more functional non-shiny kind. And when the technologies merge, the marketing departments will grin and the users will squint.

Does any of this matter to you now? Yes. Because there are predictions that there will be a major change in technology in less than two years which might make the choices you make now seem silly.

Like this:

So, the answer? If you need a Kindle now, get the cheap one. Then, save your pennies and upgrade later.

Listen to the Scientists (on Creationism)

And then …. there’s this:

At the beginning of every school year, I try to post new and “the best of” blog posts specifically written for teachers. If you want to see this year’s “back to school special” posts in a list, click here. I’ll be posting these items through the month of September. There will likely be one or two items new every day.

Please feel free to send a link to all your teacher friends so they know about it!!!! And, if there is something you’d like to see discussed, let me know.