17 thoughts on “This guy will NOT yield! Go, Tony, Go!

  1. Go, Tony, go!

    But I observed one mistake. He kept using the word “gentleman”, which clearly did not apply. I presume Weiner was following House protocol in so addressing the jerk.

  2. “It is absolutely against the rules to ever call any other member anything but a term of respect, ever.”

    Correct. Dick Cheney’s famous profane utterance on the Senate floor was actually, “Go fuck yourself, Honorable Gentleman from Vermont!”

  3. The reason people did not understand the true nature of Joe Wilson’s outburst (the “You Lie!!!” guy) is because they are generally unaware of this. “Mr. President, You Lie… Sir” would still have been outrageous, of course, since the president was speaking and his statement would not be just part of the background mumbling. But it would not have been half as bad.

  4. By the way, for those of you not from New York, this is how most conversations go there. (This could explain a lot to my midwestern friends, coleagues, and family!)

  5. By the way, the gentleman asking Weiner to yield was engaging in a cheap disruptive tactic. Weiner had 60 seconds. He said nothing in the first fifteen seconds that they couldn’t have waited another 45 seconds to respond to. Their goal was to keep interrupting him till they ran out the clock and prevented him from finishing his statement. Fortunately, the chair was stopping the clock every time they interrupted. That’s why he kept saying “the chair recognizes.” He was re-recognizing Weiner and starting the clock.

  6. Exactly.

    You know, people say the Brits and the Americans are so different, but we’re not. What you see here is a melding of the British Parliamentary Discourse, Soccer and Rugby.

  7. I’d vote for him. I don’t even know what the bill was. I would just kinda like to have that sort of pit bull in my corner.

  8. Try the Canadian Parliament. There was a story in the news a year ago or so that had people explaining to 12 year old visitors who saw question period why their government was acting like 9 year olds.

    Even if that was an exaggeration a single viewing of question period highlights how ridiculous it has become.

  9. It is long overdue that the Republicans are called on the carpet for their despicable tactics. I think that the Democrats should force the Republicans to filibusters and then it will show the public what dog-shit tactics the right wing uses. They can show how day after day the stalling tactics of the Republicans is being used only for disruption.

  10. Seems the rarest of all species; a Democrat who has a set of balls and a fire in his belly. The irony is that while the GOP has no plans, and a chronic inability to focus on governing that has lasted for fifty years, as opposed to accumulating and maintaining power and wealth, they gain votes by way of their theatrics that seem to indicate passion and deep belief.

    If the Democrats were to give up on being cerebral little wimps who focus on prim correctness and get mad a lot of independents would slide their way. Simple fact is that people don’t trust people who lack fire and passion. They will follow a passionless technocrat for a bit but they won’t ever be emotionally attached to them. Nobody likes or trusts someone who can’t get mad when crossed.

    The right is controlled by brainless bloviators but people are comforted by the humanity of their passion. Combining GOP passion with Democratic good governance and wonkishness gets you something that will swing the independents their way. Weiner gets big points for passion and immediate, forceful, counter-punching. Other Democrats should follow his example.

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