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Save Net Neutrality from The Corporate Takeover of Media

From Al Franken:

The Comcast-NBC merger is the first domino. If it falls, the rest will soon follow. If no one stops them, how long do you think it will take before 4 or 5 megacorporations effectively control the flow of information in America not only on television, but online? How long do you think it will take before the Fox News website loads 5 times faster than DailyKos?

It’s almost too late to stop this from happening, but not quite. The government can stop them. . . but first the government has to be MADE to act.

Net Neutrality is THE First Amendment issue of our time. If you want to protect the free flow of information in the country and all that depends on it, you have to help me fight this.

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Personal data of 100m facebook users published

These data were scraped by security consultant Ron Bowles, using code that scans Facebook profiles and collects all data not hidden by privacy settings. Which, as some but not all of you know, are probably not set the way you think they are set for your account.

You can have the data if you want. Click here to download it.

I’m a little unconcerned about these data being spread around. I was already available to anyone who simply went on (after joining) facebook.

Bowles did this in order to highlight the fact that stuff you put on Facebook is pretty much like stuff you leave around on the seat of your car or on a table near an unurtained window. Not invisible.

Bowle’s data set is incomplete, as there are about a half billion Facebook users.

Now, I wonder. What language was the script written in? Please tell me it was in bash using wget and sed! That would be so cool!

The story is all over, but here is one source.


Without looking, can you name five major cities that still exist and have changed their names? Miss Cellania can.

What is a pleurodiran? Second in a series at Tetrapod Zoology.

This is interesting: “For the first time the number of [animal research] procedures involving genetically altered animals (which includes GM and naturally occurring mutants) exceeded the number of procedures using normal animals.” source Hat Tip: Skepchicks

Minnesota Atheists Talk Radio is BACK!!!

Blogging, Curing diabetes and Dengue Fever in Florida

Is the future of the science blogging blogosphere gong to look like the Early Triassic (which followed a mass extinction event)? Bora seems to think so: Science Blogging Networks: What, Why and How

Reversal of hyperglycemia in diabetic mouse models using induced-pluripotent stem (iPS)-derived pancreatic β-like cells … say no more. Just read all about it here.

Dengue fever in florida: What’s the story?

Sociopolitical Apes

It was already stifling at 9 o’clock in the morning as I frantically took notes on what I was witnessing through my field glasses. Without warning a black, hairy arm reached out to smack an unsuspecting victim, immediately giving way to a frantic chase that roused the entire troop. With teeth bared, the large, muscular ape bared down on his assailant amidst high-pitched screams of excitement before a resounding smack reverberated beneath the canopy and signaled …

… that it is time for you to CLICK HERE to read this fascinating post that bears on issues of Primate Psychology, Animal Rights, and Human Evolution, by Eric Michael Johnson, guest blogging at Neuron Culture.