Everyone needs the new Video Camera Barbie

Details on the Barbie Video Girl Doll:

Your Barbie Video Girl doll is a real working video camera! With Video Girl, it’s fun and easy to make your own movies. Here’s how it works: her necklace is really a video camera lens! Lift her hood and you’ll see a color LCD screen and three easy-to-use controls. The screen lets you see what you shoot! With just the push of a button, you can record any video you want, and then play it back instantly. You can also plug Video Girl into your computer and download your movies, then watch and share them with your friends! Includes doll, USB 2.0 cord. Barbie Video Girl doll is Windows/Mac compatible. Visit Barbie.com/videogirl to download free Video Girl editing software and get fun movie-making tips!

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7 thoughts on “Everyone needs the new Video Camera Barbie

  1. We are living in the future and it’s not quite what I had in mind.

    Do children these days threaten to email the video to mom instead of telling? I’m so out of touch.

  2. I don’t know. Barbie is nothing gnu, and “KEN” sounds like a KDE app, and I’m more of a Gnome guy.

    Anyway I’m sure there’s already a driver for it. … her… … whatever.

  3. I suspect that this is another of those toys that eldest would love to have. He would probably grumble a bit that it is girlie and would very likely do something about the pink shirt remaining pink, but he would totally geek on something like that.

    Youngest on the other hand, has his heart set on chlamydia. Or possible chicken pox – but when we were last at the museum of science and energy, he was all about chlamydia. I wish he would go for Cthuluh, like his brother did.

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