Ugliest Website on Planet Critiques Scienceblogs Strike

The whole Pepsi maneno is over, and we are moving on. But I thought you’d like to see this site just because it is so unbelievably ugly. Be careful. The first time I opened this web page up on one of those old fashioned CRT monitors, the glass broke.

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19 thoughts on “Ugliest Website on Planet Critiques Scienceblogs Strike

  1. I posted the following comment. Since he has comment moderation I’m posting a copy here in case it doesn’t get approved:

    There’s a legitimate argument that the Pepsi matter was overblown. Indeed, the legitimate parts of your argument have actually been made by some ScienceBloggers such as ERV:
    Note that ERV has pretty left-wing politics which doesn’t fit with your narrative at all.

    There are other problems with your post. For example, your attempt to show that ScienceBlogs has nothing to do with science fails. It is true that there’s political content and that that content is generally more often what is considered liberal or progressive than what is considered conservative. But your argument of pointing to the five most active articles ignores that highly active comment threads are almost always going to occur more frequently in things like politics than science issues. This is true in many websites, not just scienceblogs. See for example Slashdot. One can just look at the front page of to see that the vast majority of content being produced by ScienceBloggers is science, not politics.

  2. Wow. He really doesn’t get the distiction between advertorial and science blogging. I notice that A. Watts also climbed on the nothing wrong with a little corporate advertising *pretending* to be a science blog bandwagon.

    What neither of them appear to have ‘gotten’ was that no one AFAIK expressed any opposition to Pepsi being a sponsor of ScienceBlogs.

    What they objected to was Pepsi buying an ad and PR spot and presenting it on Sb as just another Sb science blog.

    It is as if you had press releases written by Pepsi-Co but bylined as just another columnist for a newspaper.

    It is deceptive, lowers the perceived value of the other Sb bloggers, and raises questions of their independence from ‘corporate messaging’.

  3. I finally realized what the whole Pepsi-Co thing most resembles: Payola.

    Payola, in the American music industry, is the illegal practice of payment or other inducement by record companies for the broadcast of recordings on music radio, in which the song is presented as being part of the normal day’s broadcast. Under US law, 47 U.S.C. § 317, a radio station can play a specific song in exchange for money, but this must be disclosed on the air as being sponsored airtime, and that play of the song should not be counted as a “regular airplay”. The term has come to refer to any secret payment made to cast a product in a positive light (such as obtaining positive reviews). (Wikipedia)

  4. Jesus Invisible Haploid Zombie Christ. That is the single ugliest blog on the web, and it’s run by either a great Poe or one really stupid human being.

    As for “Science blog readers” up above, I’ve got a buck that says that the commenter is either the blog author himself or his incestuous mother.

  5. Aaargh! The goggles, they do nothing!

    Something is seriously warped regarding Mr. Motl’s perception – and that concerns shapes, colors, and political reality.

  6. Re Lon FCD

    Actually, Dr. Motl has a PhD in physics and, at least in the past, worked in string theory so he is in no way, shape, form, or regard a really stupid human being. Really stupid human beings don’t get PhDs in physics.

    On the other hand, Dr. Motl is a nutcase believing in all manner of far right wing notions, such as climate change denial. It just goes to show that being a smart guy doesn’t prevent one from being a whackjob (e.g. Linus Pauling, William Shockley, Peter Duesberg, J. Allan Hynek, and Brian Josephson).

  7. I’m so tempted to post ‘reality has a left-wing bias’ on that thread, but I don’t want to feed the troll. He’s a troll who just happens to run that blog.

    What amuses me about his criticism is that there’s nothing more free-market than a strike or boycott. People are voting with their dollars, and it seemed to be the only effective way to get Seed’s attention. He’s right about profit being a strong motivator, and the bloggers here used that motivator to influence Seed.

  8. I seem to be unable to get through to the page, for some reason my virus software won’t let me. Apparently it is ugly enough that my virus software is trying to protect my eyes.

  9. That blog is run by LuboÅ¡ Motl. He is apparently quite bright, but, to quote David Gerard, he was hired as an assistant professor by Harvard “through competence and talent, and lost it by being a raging asshole”.

    His politics are heavily right wing, and he insults anyone (via his blog) that is even slightly critical of string theory.

  10. Did you read the P.S.?

    P.S. again Luis Dias, a Pharyngula reader, points out in the “Shaking the nuts” discussion thread that he was surprised that Mr Myers has openly boasted that he could eliminate new bloggers from the SB ring – and censor the flow of the information in this way. Various Pharyngula faithful are telling him that he’s… wrong, politely speaking, but they offer all kinds of reasons that contradict each other.

    Some of them say that Myers has never had any control about any such issues. Others say that it is completely normal not to admit people who don’t “fit in” – such as Pepsi folks or TRF. Anyone who is not a leftist liberal. Indeed, this rule is routinely applied in the company called the Academia.

    However, when it comes to groups that the liberals worship, such as some of the people of color who usually don’t fit either and who may be incompetent at the same moment (unlike the Pepsi nutrition folks), it would be a discrimination not to hire them! The hypocrisy of these people is just amazing. If your society doesn’t put these dangerous power-thirsty radicals in the jail soon enough, they will eventually put you in the jail – or hang you. (bolding mine)

    Wait, so liberals are hypocrites because we “worship people of color?” WTF? How did he start on Pepsigate and end up on affirmative action? I guess it shows that virulent racism lurks just under the surface with most of these right wing nut cases.

  11. I remember that episode. We had a “blogger suggestions” thread on the old backchannel. One day overlords simply asked “what do you think of Lubos Motl?”. We collectively laughed. We never heard anything about it again, but obviously he was not added to our roster (not invited, or uninvited, I don’t know the details). That simple. No censorhip, no instance of PZ throwing his weight around. Seed sent a trial balloon, and it burst spectacularly.

    I have seen other people like Lubos, who grew up wonderful little communists in Eastern Europe, and once communism became unfashionable there, switched to the opposite extreme while retaining the same habits of mind and an undeveloped moral compass.

  12. Re Coturnix @ #15

    I have seen other people like Lubos, who grew up wonderful little communists in Eastern Europe, and once communism became unfashionable there, switched to the opposite extreme while retaining the same habits of mind and an undeveloped moral compass.

    Not only in Eastern Europe. Many of the neocons and right wing nutcases in the US started out as Trotskyites (e.g. Irving Kristol, father of Bill, and David Horowitz).

    Incidentally, Mr. Coturnixs’ link still points to his former Scienceblogs’ blog.

  13. Let’s just say that the influence of the Cold War on American politics is hardly any less than Eastern Europe’s.

  14. Quite funny: I open up Motl’s blog after following the link from this blog entry, and the first thing I see is the Google Ads section that runs an ad for eye laser surgery!

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