3 thoughts on “Gemsbok, Kalahari

  1. They will also fight for shade.

    With the weather predictions for this week here being mid to upper 90s, I will also fight for shade.

  2. One of the odder linguistic confusions is the Afrikaans vs. German/Bavarian/Austrian use of “Gems.” In Afrikaans it’s of course the Oryx, but in German-speaking Europe “Gemse” or (Bavarian/Austrian) “Gams” is [let’s see whether italics work] Rupicabra rupicabra. (No, not Chupicabra chupacapra!) There isn’t much similarity between them either, really.

    Weirdest situation I saw a “Gemse” at: going down the Jura mountains towards Yverdon, at a bend of the road in otherwise regular deciduous forest. I had previously only known them from the high Alps, so that was a shock!

    OK, back to the woodwork and my glass of wine.

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