Very interesting local news item regarding the Wetterling abduction

The Wetterling Abduction (1989) is a relatively well known case of an unsolved child abduction. Patty Wetterling went from bereaved mother of abductee Jacob Wetterling (11 years old) to child saety advocate to Congressional canddiate. Had Patty Wetterling won her race for Congress, she’d be there instead of … yes, you guessed it, Wacko Michele Bachamann.

Anyway, right now, something seems to be happening in the abduction case, as I write this:

Investigators Wednesday swarmed around a St. Joseph property near the spot where 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling was abducted in 1989.

The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI were at 29748 91st Avenue in St. Joseph. Investigators confirmed they were conducting a search after getting warrant.

Neighbors reported seeing several unmarked law enforcement vehicles at the property on Wednesday morning. Aerial photos taken by the St. Cloud Times show as many as 17 vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and trailers on the property.

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4 thoughts on “Very interesting local news item regarding the Wetterling abduction

  1. It would be such a relief to have closure in this case. I’ve always wondered over the years if Jacob would ever be found. Sad to say, he probably is not alive.

  2. Based on the timing in relation to their rise I’m going to speculate that Michele Bachamann and Glen Beck kidnapped the boy and sacrificed him in a satanic ceremony in return for money, power and celebrity. I think the timing of their rise and his disappearance is suspicious. I think both need to be detained, interrogated, waterboarded repeatedly if need be, to make sure they give up everything they know about this case.

  3. @Art: Seconded! Especially the waterboarding, since we all know that is the surest way of getting the truth out of people.

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