It is God’s plan that you bear the child of your rapist

I heard a white male blogger said something, or failed to say something, or whatever. So, let’s pile on and verbally pound him for a while! Because, you know, there is nothing worse going on in the world when it comes to buying and selling (with money or votes) women’s freedoms!!!

Or is there?

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11 thoughts on “It is God’s plan that you bear the child of your rapist

  1. Well, god does support rape as a means of making a marriage proposal, so this makes complete sense based on a biblical worldview. And makes god a total dick.

  2. i believE’ that there are too many people in this world already! making a person share there life! with the product(and reminder) of a rape is “infathomable” screw the law’s! i stand on god’s word. not some ‘made up misquote’s by unknowing(do you know god personaly?) then don’t put words in ‘his mouth! (especialy if you don’t actualy know the verses)his real intent! as for the person who said”,he condones rape,for the institution of marrage -god said “if a rape is commited” tha man was too accept the responsibility of marrage too remove his crime”! and make it acceptable in his eye’s! in other words too “make it right! not some pervert! the trouble we are all in is a world run amok(lok it up in the bible!. we are too used too “going along with the ‘crowd” it’s time we let our nay’mean nay!and our yea mean yea! vern russell…. we are seriously overpopulated(since1961!)stop adding too the problem!!!

  3. How is anyone here defining god. That term is thrown around very loosely. Since we are so scientific let’s define our terms. Thank you.

  4. “It is God’s plan that you bear the child of your rapist”
    Greg, I’m shocked – shocked I tell you – that you would dissemination such disinformation! We all know perfectly well that it’s God’s longsuffering and loving plan that the woman who descends down the path of Eve and invites a thorough rape from invariably innocent men must be comprehensively stoned until death by killing corrects her evil ways in His infinite mercy.

    Please correct this blog at once!

  5. It is God’s plan for people to push her down the stairs whenever possible. If God wanted to prevent her from being pushed down the stairs, I’m sure God would find a way to do so, but meanwhile, lady, down you go!!!!

    How much of that would she take before she changed her story? I think once would do it.

  6. Rob Jase @ #5:

    Is it legal in Arizona to use ‘its God’s plan’ as a defense in cases of rape, murder, etc.?

    Strictly speaking not, but if you just so happen to “find Jesus” while you’re waiting for your trial your sentence will definitely turn out lighter.

  7. PhillipIV
    I think that is true of more states than just AZ.

    What god does to people is just boggling. Best to just ignore the concept altogether.

  8. What logic. Off the subject but with that logic; why are the Republican upset with the Obama Administrations perceived slow response to the BP oil crisis. Isn’t it part of God’s plan and who is Obama to interfere with God’ plan. Besides, all they have to do is ask Michele Bachmann. I know she understands that oil occurs naturally; therefore it can not be harmful. Just like CO2 right Michele????

  9. @ Phillip IV 8

    Strictly speaking not, but if you just so happen to “find Jesus” while you’re waiting for your trial your sentence will definitely turn out lighter.

    That reminds me of something that happened to me. In 1996, I was in a courtroom to hear a judge decide the fate of the [person] who chose to drive drunk, struck me at a high rate of speed as I walked down a sidewalk and then decided to leave me for dead.

    I went to give my opinion. Sitting in my wheelchair, freshly stitched up wounds, from a recent operation, for all to see, an external fixator projecting from my leg like some type of antenna attempting to catch SETI signals, my face in a continuous grimace because my pain was only lowered to an ‘8’ on the pain scale even with large amounts of morphine; I likely didn’t even need to speak to make my point.

    I had received a lot of local notoriety during this period so all three local news cameras along with newspaper reporters were in the court house. The gallery was filled with my family and well wishers. The jury box was filled with orange suited inmates from the county jail waiting for their arraignments. I was given the judges first time slot of the day so I would spend the least amount of time possible in court as anytime out of bed was painful.

    I said my piece, then it was the criminal’s turn to speak.

    The [person] and his lawyer stood to say their bit. The lawyer did all the talking while the criminal stood with hunched shoulders staring at the floor. The attorney’s speech was short, he was hard pressed to find anything mitigating to say about his client. The attorney finished his talk by saying: “Oh yeah, my client has found religion while in jail.”

    After the attorney finished with that last sentence, there was a very brief silence in the courtroom lasting a fraction of a second, then the orange suited prisoners waiting in the jury box all burst out laughing, loudly. The people in the gallery picked it up and also started laughing loudly, hell, even the judge was laughing.

    It seems: “I’ve got religion, so go easy on me.” has lost some of its cachet.

    Thanks Phillip, for triggering one of the few pleasant memories I have of that period.

    Please forgive me Greg, for going so far off topic.

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