Should sexy sell feminism?

And in this case by “feminism” I mean specifically active engagement in STEM-recruiting.

The answer is … going to be at the far end of what I predict will be an interesting and productive discussion starting out at Urban Science Adventures: An Open Letter to…Nerd Girls

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2 thoughts on “Should sexy sell feminism?

  1. Here is my response to your excellent point on this matter:

    You make many great points (at the original post), as you usually do.
    There is a spectrum and this program does indeed speak to a very real demographic.
    But after much thinking I am not advocating to scrap Nerd Girls. But I am saying they need an overhaul of their message.
    Why? What I don’t like (and it’s what grates me about general messages like these) is that this program claims to define itself as THE outreach for girls/young women in STEM and it defines what feminine is. By setting the platform and presenting these NERD Girls as THE definition of girl/women, they inherently alienate anyone who doesn’t fit this mold and tells them – well this program ain’t for you.

    Do I have a problem with feminine/girly girl scientists? Not at all. In fact Dr. Isis is one of my fave science blogging sheroes and she’s totally girly-girl – super high heels, hotness, and banging bangs. She’s being herself and showcasing her feminine power yet simultaneously makes it clear that ALL definitions of femininity are welcomed. There are no inherent (ugly) others.

    So until Nerd Girls revises its presentation and becomes more inclusive of ALL types of feminine smart beauty, I’ll continue to be a hater.

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