They can pry my guns out of my cold dead hands!!!!!

… Which might well be cold and dead because the firearm discharged by accident or was taken away from me by a home invader or I got depressed and shot myself.

Yes, folks, there are things to consider when contemplating private firearm ownership other than what you see on TV or read in the NRA propaganda. In the end, you need to ask yourself this question: How Well Does Your Gun Protect You?

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14 thoughts on “They can pry my guns out of my cold dead hands!!!!!

  1. I’ve seen a particular SUV with bumper stickers reading “Criminals prefer unarmed victims” and “Politicians prefer unarmed peasants” and a lot of NRA crap on it. I should make one that says “Students prefer unarmed classmates” and slap it on the back next time I see it. >.>

  2. Having that little bit of extra weight makes the difference between it being safe to be openly gay and having to live in fear and in the closet.

    It’s oddly reactionary of me, but I guess that happens when you have Texan liberals.

  3. Azkyroth-

    How true. Cho at VA Tech and Kazmierczak at Northern Illinois definitely preferred an unarmed student body.

    But why would you want to be crass enough to put that fact on a bumper sticker. Sure wouldn’t play well in DeKalb or Blacksburg.

  4. “I prefer unarmed cops and security guards, but
    that’ll never happen.”

    Cops are routinely unarmed in my country, and armed security guards are a rarity (visiting heads of state, perhaps, may bring their own security teams).

    Perhaps surprisingly, homicides of our police are a great rarity. Typically in Great Britain in any one year just one or two police are killed on duty due to criminal acts.

  5. @Rose Colored Glasses – I live in a country (New Zealand) with unarmed police and unarmed security guards. Fortunately, for the most part we also have unarmed criminals.

    @Gunny – I also live in a country were the general populace don’t have a paranoid fear of the government, so we don’t worry about firearms being tightly controlled. The best defence against a tyrannical govt is a strong democracy (something we have in NZ, but seems to be lacking in the USA), not a gun.

  6. I really have to wonder about someone who says things like this:

    The commies banned that from high school history many years ago. I say we ban commies and go back to our old history books and put prayer back in school, take out sex ed, put in civics class, and take out gayism, and put in citizenship classes, and take out socialism, and put in capitalism. You know, like education used to be. It was so much better before corrupt vil labor unions took over.

    Commies? Please tell me you aren’t actually serious about the idea that some group of communists somewhere were able to dictate what went into American high school textbooks.

    Civics classes are part of the general curriculum in most grade school systems. You don’t teach “capitalism” as a class in grade school. You can mention it in history class, or in an economics class where it belongs. I don’t think any “commies” have banned its discussion completely from any schools.

    Yes, I’m calling you out on your research and content. I couldn’t care less about your obvious lack of education or your religious fundamentalism.

  7. Dan, I have a strong suspicion that Gunny is just the latest incarnation of Greg’s single-minded, multiply named, right-wing fruitbat troll. Completely serious, but not to be taken seriously.

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