Drill, Baby, Drill


Biologist fears Gulf oil threat to dolphins

“We will brace for the worst if the oil comes here, but we don’t think there is any protection we can give to the dolphins if it does. What will happen if they can’t move away from it? It scares the hell out of me,” Randall Wells said in a telephone interview this morning, shortly after returning to his Sarasota laboratory after a morning on the water conducting an emergency survey of dolphins he has studied since 1970.


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5 thoughts on “Drill, Baby, Drill

  1. This is the consequence of a cannibal ape learning to play with fire. The price we pay for an age of happy motoring. Dolphins don’t matter, being able to commute to work does. We can do without Gulf seafood but that truck had better not quit delivering beer to the convenience store Bubba stops at on the way home from work! An earthquake in Haiti (remember that?), oil spill in the GOM… how long can a story captivate the viewing public’s attention? How many pictures of oiled dolphins & pelicans can people look at before losing interest? About time for a terrorist attack, or hurricane, or something, to revive interest in the news.

  2. The maps posted in the comments above are just terrifying. What a shame! It’s hard to even comprehend the magnitude of this spill or the lasting effects it will have on the gulf ecosystem.

    I can appreciate Dr. Well’s quote. We work with several cetacean populations on the Pacific side. I can only imagine how our students and researchers would react to a catastrophe of this proportion…

    For anyone living along the gulf coast area or looking to volunteer, the NOAA published a guide for dealing with oiled, injured and dead animals. It’s worth having a look: NOAA Response Plans

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