Tornado Footage from Minnesota

This is as close as one can get:

BTW, I believe it is recommended to NOT hide from a tornado in your car.

Here’s some context:

Please ignore the reporter’s geographical references. They are quite muddled. The storm did not come from Iowa, and Wadena is not in what most people would call “Northwestern Minnesota.”

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3 thoughts on “Tornado Footage from Minnesota

  1. The fellow in the first video seems like he may be in the category of people who don’t fully appreciate how dangerous the area around the funnel is. The funnel is only the most visible part. Near the funnel isn’t at safe either.

  2. Exactly. I think, lucky for him, that this particular twister was not a very big one. But still… most people in Minnesota learn to lay in the ditch while holding the camera up over their heads.

  3. It would seem to me that the car would be the WORST place to be in the event a tornado passes over me. Being exposed out in the open would be a close second. He looks to be campaigning for a Darwin award.

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