Kiss my ass, Joe Barton

An Open Letter to Joe Barton: See Above!!!!

I saw this guy on the TV yesterday, and wondered, “How much did BP pay him to spew that crap!?!?”

I was about to look into it when Mike sent me this blog post. Go read it. Get mad.

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10 thoughts on “Kiss my ass, Joe Barton

  1. I apologize to Joe Barton for Greg Laden’s strong-arm reaction to my previous apology for his blog post where he perpetrated a “kiss his ass” shakedown.

  2. Tabby, if you want to be funny, you have to keep at least one foot in reality. Otherwise, well, you’re one of those four-year-olds who’s just discovered knock-knock jokes.

  3. 1) If Republicans don’t have to be rooted in reality, why should I?
    2) I apologize to Tabby Lavalamp for Stephanie Z’s strong-arm response.
    3) 😛

  4. Barton…where have I seen that face before? Oh yes. There was a short video of him questioning Dr. Chu about how all that oil from decayed tropical plants got under Alaska and the Arctic Ocean even though it’s cold there – thus displaying his ignorance and stupidity in addition to his craven venality.

    And he posted it on his own site thinking it showed how clever he was.


  5. That smug look on his face when he asked “So it just drifted up there?” is the icing on that ill-informed cake.

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