You’re Not Helping Blog Admits That They Love Greg Laden

It’s kind of subtle but if you read the words they say carefully, you can hear “kissy kissy” the whole time. Check it out: “Your … fascinating”

Oh, and please DO leave a comment if you visit their site. That would be funny.

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6 thoughts on “You’re Not Helping Blog Admits That They Love Greg Laden

  1. @Kirth, I agree I don’t typically like kicking someone when they’re down either and didn’t think I was. I hadn’t realized he was banned from the above comments, I thought he was in moderation for an evening and would be able to respond (as Greg has since clarified).

    Kind of interesting, but at YNH, Polly-O! doesn’t seem to know who Bad Monkey is or what other blog they both commented on. I suppose it could just be as simple as switching pseudonym, or something.

  2. @Glendon — quite right; I misunderstood Greg’s remarks as a general banishment pending an apology (which didn’t seem to be forthcoming), rather than as a “time out.” Apologies as merited to both you and our host, for any comprehension failure on my part.

    Out of curiosity, I did a quick Google search, which revealed mostly that Polly-O! is nearly searchproof because the engine thinks she’s a brand of string cheese. Additional problems arise from more recent posts being given priority over later ones. Polly-O!’s own reply at YNH isn’t definitive, since “bad monkey” could have been posting under any number of pseudonyms — if what he says is true. Looks like the jury is still out, unless he himself can link to an example (or someone with more time and patience than I have can find one).

  3. @Kirth,

    A number of those I wondered whether they are sock puppets have names that are hard to search, similar to Polly-O!. Though of course, that’s not a bad strategy for pseudonymity either if you really desire it.

  4. I don’t think we need conspiracy theories to figure out how YNH got its viewership. It simply got trackbacks from other, more popular blogs.

    I found them when wordpress automatically recommended one of my posts under one of their first posts which prompted someone to click through to my blog and they showed up as a referrer. So, yeah, write about the right topics and you will draw the related bloggers’ attention.

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