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… while you are cleaning your pistol and watching Hulu.

I’ve been trying to watch this movie staring Klaus Kinski (oh, by the way, when they make my biography, I want Kinsky to play me. Oh, wait, he’s dead. OK, he can play the very last scene). Anyway, it’s called “Timestalkers” and I’m watching it on Hulu. The problem is, every time I sit down (or, rather lay down) to do so, I’m tired and worn out, and it takes me to long to find where I left off, and I end up shutting down (me and the computer both) at the same exact moment in the movie. So, I’m watching Timestalkers, but I’m getting Groundhog Day.

Anyway, it’s about a gun and time travel and cowboys, and that’s all I know. But it reminds me to remind you of these two items:

Best Perk of Being a Comic Writer: Shooting Guns is a Tax Write-off, Bitches


Carrying A Gun is The Privilege of The Rich – Updated

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