I’m really not helping at all.

Here is some data on the impact of outside individuals as targets or important components of blog posts on the You’re Not Helping blog. Sample of the last several blog posts plus all known posts related to Yours Truly.

Clearly, while PZ Myers is not helping, he is not helping at the same order of magnitude of, say The Friendly Atheist. Greg Laden, on the other hand, is Totally Not Helping at All and probably deserves some kind of an award.

Person Comment “N’s”
Greg Laden 34, 22, 4, 29, 3, 52, 7 (X=22)
PZ Myers 13, 28, 1, 0, 5 (X=9)
Everybody Else 13, 1, 5, 5, 2,10, 13, 2, 10, 25, 2 (X=8)

While this study is very interesting, the main purpose of the present exercise has been to test the table making facility in emacs org-mode. I would say it works pretty well.

If you want to see something REALLY impressive, check out the PDF exporting abilities of org-mode: YNH_count.pdf

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