Will a Minnesota Congressional Race become a Holy War?

It seems that the Republican Candidate running for the Fifth Congressional District seat in Minnesota has one main political objective: To replace the sitting Democratic member of congress, Keith Ellison, explicitly because he, Ellison, is a “Moslem.” The purpose of this candidacy is, explicitly, an effort to “take back” America (from the “Moslems”) and “bring her to her knees” as a Christian Nation.

Also, and again, explicitly, this candidate has no specific policy positions because he expects God to place those policy positions in his mouth at the appropriate times, as per Matthew 10: 18-20.

I am not making this up. The details are here.

I have no idea how one is expected to observe this sort of asinine idiocy and not respond with a certain degree of vitriol. This is not a time to be polite or to engage in strategic civil conversation. It is a time to ridicule the fool for what it is, to complain loudly and harshly about a political party that can play such awful, offensive games with our democratic process.

Anything less would not be helping. At all.

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