RNC 8 progress (or lack thereof)

Remember the Saint Paul RNC 8? Here’s the latest news:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Court Affirms Prosecution’s Attempt to Criminalize Activism, Proceeds in Case Against RNC 8

June 10, 2010

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Yesterday, the RNC 8 completed the probable cause hearing, begun last month, a key step in determining whether their charges of conspiracy to riot and conspiracy to damage property will go to trial in October. Judge Teresa Warner is expected to issue a ruling on the defendants’ motion to dismiss the charges due to a lack of probable cause sometime in August.

The probable cause hearing concluded without the testimony of paid FBI informant Andrew Darst, who has successfully evaded a subpoena for the hearing. Darst is currently being paid $1500 per month by the FBI to be on hand for testifying in the case and is legally required to keep a current address with his probation officer. Even so, all attempts to locate Darst have failed and Warner declined to compel him to appear.

“The prosecutors seem intent on using twisted logic to continue pursuing these trumped-up charges,” said Jude Ortiz of the RNC 8 Defense Committee. “We hope that a respect for the right to engage in political organizing will guide the ruling on the probable cause motion and that the charges will be thrown out.”

Read the whole press release here.

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