I woke up this morning and the internet told me …

According to this map, I live between Hasty and “I’m Alone” but I have relatives near Grouse, Knocemstiff, Weed Patch and Heist.

Will BP oil increase cancer on oiled beaches? Possibly.

This should be obvious, but there is now some support for the idea: Children raised by lesbians ‘have fewer behavioural problems’

In case you’ve been waiting, Unscientific America in Paperback!. I just go mine. It’s small, and papery. Perfect for beach reading. If you are a PZ Myers fan, this is a must read, but you’ll probably want to borrow it rather than buy it!

So some guy’s computer setup looks like this, and that cause him to miss a really important email. I see this bottle of wine in the background and wonder if maybe THAT’s the problem! (The wine is too far away and he may have skipped the email while reaching for it. He needs a cup holder).

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