So it has come to this: “Hitler” is an adjective in the GOP

I was talking with a friend from another country yesterday and she indicated that whenever she caught herself up on American politics, she would become frightened.

She was underestimating.

Apparently, the 1964 Civil Rights act is “UNCONSTITUTIONAL, PROGRESSIVE and HITLER.” according to one of the first Republican Party activists (or somebody, anyway) to post on the new Republican Party web thinkgie called

This is not a surprise. It is not uncommon for the new Tebagging Republicans to have problems like this (remember this incident when John McCain visited Minnesota?). If you give republicans an open platform where they can say whatever they want, they will say the most outlandish, embarrassing, and offensive things imaginable. And they’ll get to it likitey split.

Interestingly, the GOP does seem to have the lid on certain topics being discussed on their new forum. So while it is OK for someone to call civil rights “Hitler” (as in the adjective, “I Hitler you” or “I Hitler New York” or whatever) it is not OK to talk about raising taxes.

Any open forum seems likely to invite disruption, unruliness and extremism. But as reporters noted during Tuesday’s press,’s design suffers from another flaw as well. Despite being pitched as a place for lively political discourse, it is remarkably limited. GOP leadership essentially admitted that no matter the popular sentiment, the major issues of the day are off-limits.

Take, for instance, a group of users who think that the GOP consider raising taxes in certain places. Is leadership willing to accommodate that?

“In terms of someone who wants to come on and make suggestions on how to raise taxes for example, they are welcome to do that but that is not something we are going to take up,” said Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.)



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