The Best of Quiche: The posts I liked the most

… in inverse relation to how much they got read. In other words, for some reason, you missed these and you shouldn’t have. Now is your chance to catch up. There’s only two.

The first one is serious and meaning drenched:
Our Conversations Are Like a Cold Fruit Salad on a Dusty, Hot, Summer Day … It is about the value of not being a complete asshole all the time just because you seem to be getting away with it.

The second one is as far from serious as I get, and the closest you’ll ever see me approach scatological humor: When Your Field School Goes Into the Toilet. Technically, that’s a repost but it’s a rewritten repost.

Please enjoy them.

That’s it for The Best Of. I just hope you are also enjoying my series on how your brains got ‘shaped’ by the Television Machine if you either grew up in the 60s or watched a lot of re-runs in the 70s, in the US. That series is listed here.

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