The Best of Quiche: Political Rants

You know I’m reviewing my QM blogging. Time for some rants.

The Black Forest Inn: Anarchists 2; Scientists 1

In the email, she had asked for my time. She wanted to talk to me about a strategy for finishing her degree in anthropology, and she wanted to know whether there was some research that she could do with me. At the end of the email, she said, “Can we please meet at the Hard Times? I’d be more comfortable.”…

In and of itself, that post is not so much a rant as a piece of a larger ongoing rant. It’s kind of hard to explain. Just go look. Here. Click here.

Maybe We Should Have Elected a White President After All

There is no doubt that this country is not ready for a Black President.

Nor would this country ever be ready for any non-white or non-male president until we actually went ahead and elected one-ready or not-and then made the necessary adjustments. And that could have been what would have happened with the historic election of Barack Obama.

Press here for more rant.

The Day the Right Wing Lost Its Last Shred of Moral Standing

I climbed half way up the old War statue and hooked my arm around the horse’s leg, with the green copper, slouch-hatted and sword-yielding war hero looming above me. From my perch high above the crowd, I could get a better look at Ted Kennedy, but from anywhere I could hear the speech he was making. It was the same as the last speech, and it was great, and there were no surprises, until he mentioned S.1. Then I was surprised, and worried. And I still am. Only now I’m also really pissed.

Rant .. Rant .. Rant…

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