Jesus Christ on Comedy Central: William Donaohue Mad, Confused

A new show called “JC” is planned for Comedy Central. The details of the show indicate that it has potential to be rather funny. But what is even funnier is watching the Catholic League trying to figure out exactly how to be mad at Comedy Central.

“It’s not certain what is more despicable: the nonstop Christian bashing featured on the network, or Comedy Central’s decision to censor all depictions of Muhammad,” said William Donohue, president of the Catholic League…

Which implies that Donohue would feel less bad about his religion being lampooned if other religions also got more lampooned. Or, perhaps he feels badly that the Muslims have this special ace in the hole: The fear of actual jihads and fatwa edicts. In the old days, this wouldn’t have happened. In the old days, the church would just send in the Knights Templar or somebody.


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7 thoughts on “Jesus Christ on Comedy Central: William Donaohue Mad, Confused

  1. What’s really funny is that after complaining that Comedy Central censored any depiction of Muhammad, he then claims that he will contact Muslim organizations to rat out Comedy Central for their disrespect of the prophet Jesus.

    I assume he’ll also ask them for their support in his stance to get the Muhammad depiction uncensored.

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  3. Yes! More heresy! And Donahue wants them to put up even more against other religions, too! Please, Comedy Central, we beg you, include all religions in your cross-hairs!

    Well, leave the Buddhists alone, I hear they’re really aggressive.

  4. Make that the Knights Hospitalier – they still exist. The members just wish they could have joined the Knights Templar instead. Now if you thought the Salvation Army was creepy …

  5. Fatwa envy isn’t pretty.

    An aside since I’m yammering. I never understood BD’s objection to Cavallero’s chocolate Jesus display. It seemed obvious to me that it was motivated by the same sentiment as (if it wasn’t a direct rip-off of) Richard Manderson’s earlier works. According to Wikipedia, Manderson felt that the religious sentiment behind Easter had been overshadowed and the holiday had become a “rather ugly period of over consumption.” Seems like the kind of message that someone who cared about the Christian religion could get on board with — but that’d have to be someone who wasn’t suffering from fatwa envy.

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